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PREPARATION SUGGESTIONS: Bois Bande "hard wood" is a natural product; the bark of the tree of the same name. This tree is found in Grenada and some other Caribbean islands. Our ground Bois Bande is 100% natural bark ground up to ensure greater absorption capability. This is not a synthetic or altered product. There are no documented harmful side effects, however we suggest use in moderation as there is anecdotal evidence of some users having a "really hard time" because they used too much or too concentrated.

Although this product is popular for its sexual potency, it is believed to have other great values such as blood purification, promotes good blood flow (of course), and combats urinary tract infections. Typically used in alcohol or as a hot beverage. Effecting results within 2-5 hours. Bois Bande goes to work immediately after it has been taken, and remains effective 2 - 3 days later.

HOT BEVERAGE: Place one leveled teaspoon into a cup of boiled or hot water or

DIRECTIONS: ¼ ounce of Bois Bande should be taken 2-5 hours before sexual intercourse. Bois Bande remains effective many hours after consumption. DO NOT exceed the maximum dosage of 1 oz of liquid at any given time. For maximum effect place drops under tounge and hold there briefly. Bois Bande is a 100% natural product with no harmful side effects when taken as directed.

Customer Reviews

Very pleased After having tried miniscule amounts I decided to share with a few friends. It's really got a kick to it. Am always coming back for more and I know tons of mates would love this.!!!!! Really good stuff! Reviewed by: solomon from east London dagenham. - 9/8/2013

This stuff is great! A great price too. I even bought a bottle of rum to mix it into like the Grenadians do. Will buy again. Reviewed by: Todd from Canada. - 3/10/2013

hmmm... you know this stuff actually did work for me, i was very surprised, good thing i got a girlfriend right now ;) Reviewed by: Ronnie from California. - 6/6/2013

United Kingdom very pleased with my purchase,well packed and shipped in reasonable time.How regular does one have to use this? Reviewed by: Thomas Samuel from London . - 12/25/2012

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Bois Bande - Ground.


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Bois Bande - Ground.


Stimulating both male and female sexual impulses, thus creating the desire for sexual coitus. 2. Strengthening and increasing sexual power, desire and the ability to perform sexually. 3. Powerful orgasm. 4. Greater rigidity and increased size of the penis. 5. Delayed ejaculation, extending period during sexual intercourse that greatly enhances the female's pleasure and an additional benefit to many men who are embarrassed and frustrated by premature ejaculations during sex. 6. Multiple ejaculations within one session - 4-7 times.